Qidong Golden Beach [Mo Ge Beach]


Currently the main spot in Shanghai. A club opened in 2014 and provides IKO lessons, storage, drinks, air pressure, and a kite shop. Some regulation has been set in place by the club to access the beach, you will have to show an IKO card and a copy, an insurance contract copy, ID picture and pay a fee of 300 RMB fee for the year. Located a bit further away, this sandy beach is very long and offers good condition for the beginner.


The spot is well oriented for East and North wind and the wind is often stronger than forecast when coming from the North, lower from the south. As the ground is very flat, at low tide the water can be up to 15min walk. A perfect tide, you will have a very nice mirror-like flat water area, or waves when the tide is at its fullest. The beach is clean and mostly free of any fishing nets and sticks. You will have to pay a 30RMB entrance fee to the resort plus parking.

Required Level Beginner
Soil Sand
Distance 1h40 drive
 Price 30 RMB + 300 RMB yearly fee

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Fengxian – Mudhole

This spot is no longer kiteable

A well-known spot in Shanghai by the old generation of kiters. It is located south of Shanghai at around 1h drive. The spot is good by IMG_20110716_180957 South wind and the wind is usually lower than the forecast so you better have 18-19 knots on the forecast before going down there. This area has a lot of tourists, with a small amusement park, quad, and horse ride on the beach. You will pay 10RMB for the parking and 30RMB to get to the beach. At down tide, you will have to walk about 10-15min in the mud and it can get very dirty and the cleaning session might be longer than the actual kiting. At Up tide, the water will come up to the short and the starting might get tricky, in that situation water start might be a good idea. High tide provides probably the best condition as you don’t need to walk and will give a very nice flat water area. The beach is also used by fishermen who set up nets and bamboo sticks all around. Once cut, these bamboos might be barely visible and be dangerous.

Required Level Beginner – Intermediate
Soil Mud
Distance 1h – 1h30 drive
Price 30 RMB

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Nanhuizui Fishing Lake

An electric cable has been installed right in the middle of the lake and it is now no more possible to kite there.

Located near Dishui lake, this little lake is a very good spot by East and North wind. The water is not deep and the soil at the bottom of the lake is mud while the grass is present all around the lake. This is best to try the trick since the mud will smooth up any bad landing. Besides the small launching area, it is a good spot for beginners since you can walk easily. Due to the small size, this lake would hold a maximum of about 8 kiters. There is also a small fishing shack and the owner of the lake might ask you for 20-30RMB.

Required Level Intermediate
Soil Mud – Grass
Distance 1h – 1h30 drive
 Price 0 RMB / 30 RMB

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Nanhuizui Hotel Lake

This spot is no longer kiteable

Located beside the little fishing lake, a bigger lakefront of the hotel offers good conditions by North or South wind. Unfortunately, it seems to not be allowed to kite there. [mappress mapid=”3″]

Nanhuizui Beach

This spot is no longer kiteable

One more spot that is good by North, South, and East wind. At low tide, it offers a very long beach perfect for beginners and more advanced to hit tricks. At high tide, the launching area becomes relatively small and care must be taken. It is necessary to cross a wave braking rock wall that might be tricky at high tide. Be careful with the fishermen’s nets.

Required Level Intermediate
Soil Sand
Distance 1h – 1h30 drive
 Price 0 RMB

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This spot is no longer kiteable

A walking structure has been installed in the middle of the lake and it needs to be checked whether it is still possible to kite.

Located north of the Airport, Sanjiagang is a small resort for water games and might be crowded with jet skis and boats in the summer. It is a good spot by North wind but the wind doesn’t always get in. You can also ride by east wind but the launching becomes a bit more difficult as it will be directly inshore and the beach is quite narrow with some trees, so you better be independent and go upwind easily. The water there is only slightly salted so you can call it the only spot with fresh water. Overall spring is probably the best season for this spot. The bottom of the lake is Mud while the beach is sand. The entrance fee is 60RMB and you might be rejected if the spot is crowded with tourists.

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Required Level Beginner (North wind) – Intermediate (East wind)
Soil Mud – Sand
Distance 40m – 1h00 drive
 Price 60 RMB

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Tanglu Port

Further north, a nice big beach located beside the Dayang Port will also give a very good place to ride. ProbablyIMG_20110402_160154 one of the best places when it blows North. We have been riding there at 20 knots while Shanghai had 0 so you better check the forecast and make the trip, even when the forecast is low.  Very good for beginners. The highway up to there has almost no traffic.IMG_20110402_160200

Required Level Beginner
Soil Sand
Distance 2h30 drive
 Price 0 RMB

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Dishui Lake – Round Lake

Unfortunately, it is currently forbidden to ride on the lake. The lake is closed all around by some fences and the local sail club is not Kite friendly.