How to get Involved ?

Who Are We?

We are mix of expats and locals that are interested in kiting in Shanghai. When there is wind, there is almost always someone keen to go kiting, and the more people we have out the better! We communicate on the website and mailing list in English. The group is unregistered and not for profit and our main interest is to get out on the water and help others to do the same!

When do we go?

Check the mailing list and forum for discussions about the wind conditions around Shanghai, and also what is the most suitable spot. For a weekend session, we will check the weather forecast around mid week and start an email thread about who is interested in kiting for the upcoming weekend. When vacation periods are coming or someone wants to arrange a trip outside Shanghai for the weekend, all the discussions will be posted on the email list.


How do we get there?

When we arrange a session, we will travel to the location by private car, taxi, or rental car. Post on the email list if you are interested, and we will do our best to help arrange transportation if there are other people planning to kite on the day.

What Do I Need?

There is no gear rental in Shanghai, so you need all your own equipment. When we travel to the kite spot, we will take all our own equipment with us. If you are starting out, its best to get some advice on what gear to get, whether you are buying it new or used. There is no kite shops in Shanghai, so if you ask on the mailing list you’ll get an unbiased suggestion from an experience kiter on what you need. There are many other kite forums you can also refer to if you
would like unbiased opinions on kite gear.

What Level of kiting to I need to go on a trip?

Most kite schools teach up to IKO Level 4, which requires full time supervision while you are using their gear or kiting at their spot. If you haven’t done the course, which is primarily focused on your safety and the safety on the other around you, check the schools section for a place to get certified.

I Would Like to Try Kiting, What Should I Do?

Check out our learning page to find out schools in China

– Andrew