Gold Beach - Sunday 20 Oct 2013

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Gold Beach - Sunday 20 Oct 2013

Postby Andrew » Mon Oct 21, 2013 9:15 am

Yesterday Damien, Sydney and I headed up to Golden Beach. The forecast on Wednesday when we decided to go was for 14 - 18knots from the North in the afternoon. By saturday the forecast had changed to 10-14 knots from the North in the afternoon. Having never been disappointed by Gold Beach, we decided to go anyway, setting off around 11am, and arriving shortly after 12:30pm.

On arrival it was great to see the local Shanghai kite crew had already arrived and had been kiting all morning. They had 8 people out kiting and we doing fine on 8 - 10m kites. The wind was around 14 knots with 15-20 minute gusts up to 16 - 17 knots. I pumped up my 11m and was going fine with no depower, in the gust I pulled in about one quarter depower.

One interesting thing that has not been posted on the spots is that Golden Beach has a 800m tidal sand bar, that at high tide gives you about 40m of beach and then 800m of riding in knee deep water. We got lucky and arrived right on high tide, the water so super flat and alot of fun.

Eventually the tide went out so it was a 800m walk back to the car park, worth it as a good day was had by all.

Next time for the beginners that want to practice in shallow water, check the forecast and get to Gold Beach for high tide, you won't regret it! I estimate you can get around 2 hours of knee deep FLAT water and ride long up to 800m, fall off and you can stand up and walk back to your board. The bottom is sand but there are bits of rubbish bamboo etc so booties might be an idea but not essential if you are careful where you step.

After you go past the 800m tidal flat there is small wind chop (not waves) which is a little different to riding in, but the water is still waste deep. I came off a few times and didn;'t have to body drag once.

We have the contact details for the local shanghai kiters, I hope they can post here, they are most welcome to do so in Chinese!

There is also a IKO instructor now working out of Shanghai, I will get his contact details and see if he is interested in introducing himself here!

Tonight I will post the photos.

All up, north wind - Gold Beach is hard to beat! We are already planning a return for next weekend.

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Re: Gold Beach - Sunday 20 Oct 2013

Postby Damien » Tue Oct 22, 2013 9:32 pm

Yes was great session.

Wind quite low but very steady so very nice to play with the kite, and awesome ride on the flat 10cm deep water :D.

We should have similar condition this weekend, LETS GO! maybe thursday or friday off and sleep over there?

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Re: Gold Beach - Sunday 20 Oct 2013

Postby guilkevin » Wed Oct 30, 2013 6:36 pm

Good to know.

Where are your pictures ?? :)

Let me know if you go this week end.

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